Different Types of Garages for Your Home

When it comes to garages, many homeowners imagine that a garage is a large car storage area that is attached to their homes. But a garage can come in many different sizes and styles. Garages can have many different uses also. Workshops, added living space, bedrooms, guest quarters and TV room are some the uses for a new garage.

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Compare Quotes From Top-Rated Garage Builders

A garage addition is a good way to increase your home’s resale value and make some extra space for your car and other belongings. Take a look at some of the best Types of Garages for your home.

Types of Garages In Terms of Design

  • Attached garage – Out of all the different types of garage, attached garages are the most common. These garages are normally constructed around the same time as the home. Such garages are capable of storing cars and household items, and they can also be used as workshops. All attached garages are insulated to protect the house from becoming too cold in the winter season.
  • Detached garage – If you don’t have an attached garage, you can always have a detached one constructed. Detached garages are an excellent option for homeowners who don’t have a proper access point for garage doors. These garages can easily be constructed, and they are usually budget-friendly. However, you need to make sure your detached garage matches the style and exterior color of your home.
  • Carports – A carport can best be described as an open garage that contains just a roof. Unlike other types of garages, carports don’t have any walls. Portable carports are perfect for homeowners who want to protect their cars and outdoor equipment from harm but don’t have the budget to construct a proper garage.
  • Garage with upstairs home – Constructing a double garage on the ground floor with a living accommodation upstairs is a good way to utilize the vertical space above a garage. Garages with upstairs homes are affordable and easy to construct. However, you’ll need to hire a professional contractor to construct this type of garage.
  • Garage workshop – Over the past few years, garage workshops have become quite popular among homeowners who need some space to work on their cars. Workshop garages often contain rolling doors that can easily be pulled up every time a vehicle is bought in. These garages are ideal for storing car equipment as well as gardening or other tools. In some cases, garage workshops are also used to carry out industrial processes such as metal building.
  • Portico Garage – These types of garages are ideal for homeowners who have a detached garage and want the perks of an attached garage. You can simply construct a breezeway to connect the outdoor garage to your home. A small portion of connecting roof between the garage and your home keeps you safe from rain whenever you head out to the garage.
  • RV garage – Constructing an RV garage may seem like a hassle, especially when managed alone. However, it is best to let professional contractors work on the project. Most RV garages require a clearance height of at least 14 feet, and they should be 40 to 45 feet in length. Keeping the width at least 10 feet will make it possible for you to park your motor home with great ease.
  • Barns – Contrary to popular belief, barns can also act as a garage. Barns are ideal for homeowners who want extra storage space along with a single-car garage. By opting for a barn, you can easily create a detached garage with the same exterior color and design as your home.

Types of Garages In Terms of Doors/Capacity

  • Single-bay garage – Single-car garages are extremely popular among American homeowners. These garages are often attached, and they appear as an extension of the house. A single-car garage can park a single car. However, it does not offer sufficient storage space.
  • Double-wide 2 door garage – As the name implies, the 2-door garage can store two cars at once. These garages have two separate doors. If you have a single large car, you can even opt for a wide single-door garage. However, for SUVS and vans, a garage with two doors is highly recommended. You can even set up a small workshop area or storage space in this type of garage.
  • 3-Car Garage – Homeowners with three cars can benefit from constructing a 3-car garage. Most 3-car garages are detached and offer ample space to park cars and hold household items and gardening equipment. When it comes to large garages, you have the option of opting for single-door, two-door, or three-door variants.

Types of Garages In Terms of Flooring

  • Tiles – Garage with tile flooring are making headlines. Tile-floored garages offer several customization options. You can choose between vinyl, porcelain, and hard plastic surfaces. Tiles provide an anti-slip surface that is easy to clean.
  • Epoxy – As one of the toughest types of coating, epoxy floors can easily last for up to 15 years. Epoxy garage floors are very easy to clean, and they are not affected by chemical leaks from vehicles. If you own a heavy car, then consider having an epoxy floor that can withstand the weight without cracking.
  • Mats – Not all garages need to have high-quality floors. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly flooring option for your garage, consider buying a few mats. You can easily cover any cracks in the floors or spills with a mat. However, mats are only good at hiding stuff, and you will need to fix surface cracks at some point.
  • Sealers – If you have a concrete garage floor, you should consider using a sealer. Sealing the garage floor is a good way to showcase the beauty of the floor and protect it from water, chemicals, and debris. However, sealers are not as tough and durable as epoxy.
  • Carpet – Most people love to have carpeted floors in their garages. However, there are a few things to consider before choosing carpets. Most carpets are difficult to clean and highly susceptible to molds. If you’re planning to set up a small workshop in your garage and you expect lots of chemical leaks and spills, it’s best not to invest in carpeted floors.

Whether you need help deciding what type of garage to build or licensed and professional general contractors, contact us today!

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