Why Build A Detached Garage

What is a detached garage? A detached garage is a garage that is a structure separate from and independent of the main house but occupying the same property.

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Compare Quotes From Top-Rated Garage Builders

Should you opt for this type of garage?

A detached garage allows you free rein regarding size and amenities. When you opt for a garage attached to the main house, you become limited by the very attributes of the house. You will be using one of the walls, fairly restricting your options, particularly those of size and design. With a detached garage, you do not have to be limited like so. 

You may have to consider how the new structure will look when viewed against the main house as they share the same lot so that you maintain the beauty and artistic taste of the overall property. However, you have more room for designing and styling the new addition, and planning the amenities you want to have.

Advantages of a Detached Garage

You have more privacy with this type of garage. Particularly if your family has more than just one car, the other members will not be disturbed by the comings and goings of other members of the family. The noise from having cars go in and out of the garage is not likely to exasperate the other members of the family. By effectively providing insulation, you can easily manage or contain the noise.

This is also particularly true if you intend to use the garage for reasons other than just parking your cars. The garage offers ample space which can be re purposed. You can design the garage in such a way as to become a room for you to work on do-it-yourself projects so dear to many individuals’ hearts. With space away from the main house, you can drill or paint away to your heart’s content, knowing full well that the rest of the family remains undisturbed by noise or fumes likely to result from your business.

If you have a family member who is into loud music, or into learning the use of musical instruments like the guitar or drums, a garage situated further from the main house is a good place for practice or even for entertainment.

A detached garage offers endless possibilities

You are limited only by imagination, and of course, financial considerations. Without such constraints, however, you can have a beautiful detached garage, complete with a deck or patio and beautiful landscaping around it.

Your garage can be used in countless ways. By adding separations and creatively designing and positioning shelves and other interior amenities and trimmings, you can have an office or the perfect room for a quick getaway from the hustle-bustle of everyday living. 

You can have a loft installed – or even an entire room on the second-floor of the garage. This can be enjoyed as extra living space or as a supplementary guest room. A detached garage adds itself beautifully to being customized to accommodate your needs and preferences.

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