Building a Garage Will Add Value to Your Home

Building a Garage – So you want to add a garage to your home but doesn’t know how to start?

Find the Best Prices for Adding A Garage Building and Save!

Compare Quotes From Top-Rated Garage Builders

Compare Quotes From Top-Rated Garage Builders

Having a garage brings many advantages. Most important of which is that it protects your car not only from extreme weather conditions such as strong sunlight, hail, and snow but also from intruders. Moreover, you gain an extra storage, a convenient space to purse your hobbies, or perhaps a home office.

Building a Garage requires careful planning if you want it done seamlessly.

Below are seven quick steps to take:

  • Check out local regulations, zoning laws, and homeowners’ association agreements. The last thing you’d want to happen is building a garage you’d soon realize does not meet your local codes. That brings a lot of hassle and frustration. Not to mention, it may cost you a lot to redo or alter the construction
  • Thoroughly assess your financing needs. A basic attached unit may cost as low as $30 per square foot. Before you start planning on the design, you should have already figured out how you intend to pay for it. Will you be able to pay for it in cash or you want the total cost deferred in several months or years? You need to evaluate your financial situation and determine whether there’s a need to line up your financing before you go any further. You can take out a loan or add the cost to your current mortgage. Seek for an expert’s advice for what would best suit you. Make sure you plan ahead and secure financing well in advance.
  • Define the parameters. While deciding on the size, do not only focus on your current needs. You should also think about what your needs may be in the future. A newly married couple for instance may only have subcompact garage for now but might require an extra space to park a second car and an SUV in five to 10 years. A 2- to 3- bay garage is already sufficient to give you more flexibility. A two car gar garage usually measures 20’ x 20’ but the most preferred is the one measuring 24’ x 24’.
  • The choice is yours to make whether you’d want an attached or a detached garage. Both have their own advantages. An attached garage costs less since it makes use of an existing house wall. There is also no need to set-up a separate electrical system. An attached garage also allow for a more convenient access to your car via your house door. On the other hand, it’s usually easier to secure a building permit for a detached garage. It is also easier to enlarge it in the future. Moreover, when the garage has no direct access to your home, there is less risk for gasoline fumes. You also get to enjoy more security and privacy. On the flip side however, a detached garage can eat up a big chunk of your yard.
  • Plan carefully the design of the garage in respect of its style, size, exterior finish, door type and roof line. You also need to determine how you intend to heat and cool the garage. Insulation is particularly important. Other things to consider includes the option to install duct work and the local utilities to connect to. Plumbing works are also equally important as electricity. When all these things are decided, it is advisable to get a professional prepare the official building plan for you.
  • Calculate the return on investment. Converting your extra space into additional income in the future is a great idea. When you plan to sell your house in the future, keep it mind that the garage is actually among the first things that potential buyers look into. In fact, the absence of a garage is a major turn-off. Hence, make sure to keep it attractive.
  • Hire a contractor. Get as many price quotes as possible to build a garage. It is important to understand however that the cheapest is not necessarily the best option. Make sure you only deal with a licensed contractor who can help you pull the necessary permits and sign a contract.

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